Privat Session of Yoga

We will dive deep into your own Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation. The benefits of a private session are the Adjustments on your body, that help you to come deeper into a posture. Any unclearance will be faded away after the session. You can understand your own body better and you are able to deepen your practice. For this opportunity just click on the field below to start your class.

100 CHF per hour

Privat Session of Pilates

You want to have a fabulous core Workout and strengthen your inner muscles more? Than a private Session of Pilates is the best to go with. The mix between spine mobility and stability is packed in various mat excerices to create that AB fire. After this Session you will be able to do certain core Workouts on your own with the ability to know the right alignements for your body. This Session is great to take if you have any back Problems and want to improve yur strength in the core. To get started this opportunity just click on the field below.

100 CHF per hour